The taz has a report on the radical left group KOMITEE. Three guys who tried to bomb an immigration removal jail. This jail was not yet opened. Their intention was to stop it from going into service. All of this happened in the nineties.

They've been on the German most wanted list for 20 years. All three hid in South America, most recently requesting refugee status in Venezuela, where they now live. The report tells the story of a lot of personal hardship on their side as well as on the side of their families.

After 20 years, the prosecutor still refuses to drop the charges, arguing that the statute of limitations does not apply, since the three men formed a terrorist group and prepared to commit a felony. The report features pictures of the guys, who are now in their mid-fifties, clad in T-shirts by the band Irie Revoltes.!5464717/

MotherJones has a longer read comparing the German and the U.S. coal industries. Or rather: painting a picture of the last remaining hard-coal mine in Germany. The Ruhr valley, the former industrial heartland of Germany, isn't that bad off, compared to its twin in Appalachia.

There's a lot of innovation going on in cities like Bottrop, that turned around and made a name for themselves by investing in renewable energy. There's no delusion about the return of coal in Germany.

The taz reports that the police is trying to prove that there was large scale preparation for the G20 protests in Hamburg, that included depositing material like pyrotechnics and black clothes in hidden places. According to them it was all set up in advance and coordinated by the Hamburg left.!5467534/

Meanwhile Trump got his way at the Supreme Court, the immigration stop for 6 Muslim countries will no longer be delayed. This does not mean it's legal, the court just ruled that the provisions cannot be delayed by the lower courts.!5467537/

Brexit talks have become very convoluted. When an agreement between London and Brussels had already been found, the DUP of Northern Ireland called Theresa May during a meeting with commission president Juncker, to tell her that they won't agree to anything that gave special status to Northern Ireland. The Irish government labeled this as a collapse of talks to this date. Scottish First Minister Sturgeon had already proposed to find a similar solution for Scotland and mayor Khan had asked for a similar solution for London.

Time is of the essence in the current talks. On December 15 the EU wants to sign the preliminary agreements concerning Brexit. If 27 member states have to find a consensus and sign this paper, there is hardly any time left to complete the preliminary talks and send the paper to the members.

The DUP can sabotage any talks, because they're in power in Norther Ireland and also tolerate Mays government in the UK parliament. Without the DUP there will be no solution to the question of the future borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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