I've written some articles that are not on this site.

Custom Sphinx workflows (2018)

How to build custom Sphinx workflows. This led to some interesting discussion in the aftermath. The article might be a bit outdated. The sample code made it into the official Sphinx documentation at some point.

Building custom documentation workflows with Sphinx
Create documentation the way that works best for you.

How to run a vaccination campaign/event with volunteers (2022, German)

I was part of the organizational team for a vaccination event in early 2022 in Hamburg for my party DIE LINKE. This article documents a bit of what happened there. Written to convey an uplifting spirit in the sense that the reader should have both an impetus to run their own campaign and general know-how about the scope of the undertaking.

DIE LINKE impft, DIE LINKE wirkt!
Es kommt außerhalb des Wahlkampfs nicht oft vor, dass Bürger*innen Schlange stehen, wenn DIE LINKE ruft. Im Norden Hamburgs ist genau das passiert: Bei der „DIE LINKE impft“- Aktion standen bereits 160 Leute an, bevor es überhaupt losging. Mark Meyer von der Stadtteilgruppe Barmbek-Süd stellt das Re…

Title photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

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