taz on the change in leadership of the AfD. Apparently the extremist wing of an already right wing party has had its say. The AfD moves in a more extremist direction, discounting its "moderate" wing.


taz on the blockades during the general meeting of the AfD. Police act with utmost brutality to stop upright citizens from doing peaceful protests against the extremist party.


This report details the plans for London to create publicly accessible water refill stations. I hope this works out. I always cringe, when I see people carrying water bottle (without carbonic acid), when they could just fill up at the nearest tap. Hard to understand that people pay a lot of money for the privilege of drinking other peoples tap water.

I hope this plan bears fruition.


In 1995 a compromise on abortion was struck in the German parliament. From there on, abortion would be illegal, but the would be no penalty imposed. But one remnant of that time is the pragraph 219a, which forbids advertising abortions in any way. An obstetrician now listed abortion on her website, as part of a list of procedures she performs. That led to lawsuit against her, that ended in her having to pay a 6,000 EUR fine.

taz has background on the situation and about the parties in the German parliament that want to abolish this law.


This report details the UKs immigration removal detention centres. We had a similar debate in Germany, when the government basically built immigration removal jails. This dates back to the 1990s and subsequently was ruled to be illegal by the European Court of Justice.

This is on the occasion of a report by the British Medical Association on the conditions of medical care in the detention centres.


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