Sunday was great weather, 0° and sunny, after breakfast I went outside on a 90 minutes long walk and three podcasts:

The Bicycle Artist by Home of the Brave

An interview with a bike designer in Walnut Creek, California, that has his own opinions on bike design, and about what he thinks makes a great bike. Refreshing.

Two More Stories About Mountains by Home of the Brave

Starts off with a monologue by the author and then continues into a story that first aired in '96 on public radio. A psychedelic trip into the kind of industry that deliveres ultimate experiences. All set against the backdrop of the narrators plan to ascend the famous mountain K2. Mind-boggling.

The Reservoir Tapes on BBC Radio 4

The first installment in the series features only a single speaker, but it's not a monologue. In fact it is just one side of a conversation, that is held with the parents of a teenager that has disappeared. Stirring.

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