We have been planning this for the Foodhackingbase at 33c3 but didn't do it, because the weather was rather bad and we couldn't close up the tent because of the wind.

But now we'll do it! The off-flavour tasting is scheduled for saturday, the 7th of january at 8pm. The tasting will take place at the FabLab St. Pauli, Lerchenstr. 16a.

The off-flavours will be diluted in a neutral beer (likely Bitburger or Becks Gold). We'll be giving out a reference/untainted sample and some bread for cleansing the palate.

This is a Siebel Mix-and-match kit, provided by the BJCP. The off flavours are:

  • Acetaldehyde (green apple, cut grass)
  • Butyric Acid (putrid, baby vomit)
  • Diacetyl (butter, butterscotch)
  • DMS (cooked corn or vegetables)
  • Earthy (geosmin, soil-like)
  • Ethyl Acetate (solvent-like, nail polish remover)
  • Ethyl Hexanoate (aniseed, apple or licorice)
  • Geraniol (floral, geranium flowers)
  • Indole (farm, barnyard)
  • Isovaleric Acid (cheesy, old hops, sweat socks)
  • Papery (oxidized, cardboard)
  • Spicy (cloves, allspice)

Please allow around 1-2 hours for this event. Cost for this event is 20 EUR per person. The event will be in english. We'll be giving out note-taking sheets as well as a short memory aid with all of the off-flavours.

Off-flavour tasting in Hamburg

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