The first that came to mind, when I thought about American Pilsener was: nah, no way. This ought to be boring. I remember tasting at least one different beer by Sierra Nevada, but wasn't blown away.

Nooner however is different. Very lightly carbonated, thin temporary head. Golden colour. Mostly bitter hops, but a hint of floral aromas. Bitter and very tart aftertaste. From a hop perspective this is comparable to a northern german pilsener, or to what the northern german pilsener has been some years ago.
I'm certainly not blown away at any rate. But this is a good solid Pilsener. I'd gladly take this of a run of the mill Jever. No seriously, this is the way Jever /ought/ to taste.

Serving: 12 oz bottle, bottled January 23. 2015.
Rating: 3 out of 5 points.

Sierra Nevada - Nooner Pilsener

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